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Wellness CenterThe Altman Wellness Center: Care for your Whole Body

As soon as you enter our office and sunny reception area, you’ll feel the Altman Wellness Difference. Many patients young and old enjoy the relaxing sights and sounds of our four fish tanks filled with colorful exotic fish. Couples, parents, and children enjoy our spacious family room with adjustment tables, reference materials, and space for children to play while their parents receive care. This is also where Dr. Altman explains the ins and outs of chiropractic treatment.

The Atlas Bone – Key to Physical Health

The Atlas BoneOne of the pivotal ways Dr. Altman does this is by resolving misalignments of the atlas bone, the most important bone in the human body. Located at the top of the spine, directly under your skull, the atlas supports the entire head, allows head movement in all directions, and is the gateway to the spinal cord. If the atlas bone is out of place it causes nerve irritation and a cascading effect throughout the body as your muscles attempt to compensate. This in turn can lead to many other problems that manifest themselves throughout the body.

Dr. Dan Altman is one of only five chiropractors in the entire state of New Jersey currently trained to address this issue with Upper Cervical Specific (Knee-Chest) work, which focuses on correcting this atlas bone misalignment and improving overall health.

Diagnostic Thermography

Diagnostic ThermographyAnother difference you’ll find at Altman Wellness Center is the use of infrared technology which pinpoints the exact location of a subluxation. Using a hand-held scanning device with infrared temperature sensors, Dr. Altman can capture 800 images of the upper cervical area in about 15 seconds, or can scan the entire spine in about a minute; a comprehensive computerized readout accurately plots the spine’s misalignment with a full-color graphic representation of the area of concern. It’s completely safe (there is no radiation), quick, painless and amazingly accurate. Each patient’s unique image makes it easy to understand where problems lie and makes it easier for patients to ask pointed questions about their adjustment needs.

We have also invested in the DRX9000™, specialized equipment to deliver maximal non-surgical relief from the pain associated with spinal compression. To further support your healing, Altman Wellness Center offers massage, infrared sauna treatments and ionic foot baths to help detoxify your body, and ideas for more healthful eating and nutritional guidance.

drx9000- low back pain


Flexible Hours, Payment Options

Come for your consultation or to discuss your health issues, and experience the difference that Dr. Altman and Experience Chiropractic can make for you. We are located at 493 Engle Street, on the corner of East Hudson Avenue in Englewood, New Jersey. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10a-12p and 3p-7p, Tuesday from 5p-7p and Saturday 10a-12p, and Thursday by appointment.

Experience Chiropractic accepts Care Credit which offers flexible payment options. Ask us about how to get a Care Credit card or go to to register. We also participate in the following insurance plans: Insurance 1, Insurance 1.