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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often the next step in maintaining good long-term chiropractic health.  Whether you’ve sustained an injury in an accident, strain from over exercising or “weekend warrior” activities, or muscle and tissue weakness or damage from spinal misalignment, there are many benefits that a good physical therapy plan can provide.

A physical therapy program designed by your chiropractor, sometimes in tandem with a licensed physical therapist, provides benefits for millions of people.  It helps to reduce pain, improve mobility, and restore strength and overall function.  It can also serve to ensure your long-term spinal health, maintain overall wellness and strength, and prevent additional injuries or health problems.

Our Solution

We often design a physical therapy program as the next step in an integrated wellness plan for our chiropractic patients.  Once we’ve made the appropriate spinal adjustments, it’s important to help you maintain good spinal alignment and posture as well as strength and health.

We accomplish these goals through the use of a range of state-of-the-art chiropractic and physical therapy equipment that you can utilize under our supervision and care.  We have a variety of gravity-enhanced adjustment tables, exercise benches and weight equipment, as well as physical, hydro and thermal massage therapies designed to release and treat muscle tension.  In addition, our Infrared Sauna provides radiant heat therapy to reduce pain and joint stiffness, accelerate the healing process for injuries and help improve muscle performance.

As an added measure, we’ll review your overall lifestyle and eating habits and provide you with a new roadmap that might include nutritional counseling and stress reduction practices.