Keeping you strong and healthy, and ensuring that your vital spinal and nervous systems are at their optimal best are the goals of modern chiropractic care. Chiropractors keep all systems at optimal levels, correcting subluxations and any communications that might block the exchange of vital information from nerves to body cells and systems. Our approach is natural and holistic. Our goal is always your best health.

Ionic Foot Detox

A step closer to wellness with an ionic foot detox

Today’s environment carries many toxins that our bodies absorb (even those of us who eat an organic or raw diet, and drink filtered water, are exposed to many toxins). These toxic elements are stressors that build up over time in the lymphatic system and can cause a number of health-related issues by creating an imbalance in your immune system.


Take Advantage of the Many Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna
The Altman Wellness Center offers patients the opportunity to benefit from the science of infrared heat with a private infrared sauna.

As opposed to high-humidity, high-temperature saunas, the infrared sauna at Altman Wellness Center utilizes a dry environment and relatively lower temperatures (120°-150° F). 

Physical Therapy

Restore, reach and retain your optimal health through our physical therapy program. We’ll design a plan to correct and maintain the right alignment, good posture, renewed strength, and physical activities for your body, health level, age, and lifestyle. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art exercise, weight and massage equipment as well as our nutritional counseling.

Weight Loss

Lose up to a pound a day in our unique 30-day weight loss and nutritional program, and keep it off! At the end of our program, you’ll not only lose the weight – you’ll have more energy, sleep better and have a brighter outlook on life.