Most of us experience headaches at one time or another. Some are occasional dull aches, while others may be frequent, painful and debilitating, sometimes accompanied by nausea or sensitivity to light or sound.

Tension, migraine and cluster headaches all have similar causes. A sedentary lifestyle, eye strain, stress, medications, certain foods that affect blood sugar levels, insufficient water consumption, and environmental factors can each contribute to headaches. Most of these factors, as well as injury and trauma, can cause muscle or joint irritation, and spinal misalignment in the neck and upper back, triggering pain behind the eyes or forehead, at the base of the skull or anywhere else in our heads.

Our Solution

The goal, of course, is to relieve your headache and find its source through chiropractic care and counseling.  Before we can begin to find the best approach and develop a treatment plan for you, we’ll make a complete health assessment of your individual symptoms, spinal health and diet/exercise/lifestyle profile. We’ll measure and scan the alignment of your spine, and review your medical history including any prescribed medications and recent or past trauma. We may also ask you to keep a diary for a certain period to record your food and liquid intake and amount of sleep. Our plan for you may encompass a combination of spinal manipulation, lifestyle changes and both physical and massage therapy.