Massage therapy is a great complement to chiropractic care and is often a key component in patient treatment plans. By relaxing muscles and increasing the flow of blood, massage can increase the effectiveness of spinal adjustments and reduce recovery time.

Here’s how it works. During massage therapy, blood vessels become dilated and muscles relax, and both blood and cleansing lymph fluid circulate throughout the body. At the same time, fatigue-producing lactic acid and other harmful deposits are eliminated from muscles and joints. As a result, inflammation is reduced and recovery time from chiropractic care is shortened.

Although there are many forms of massage, the most common manual forms are Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Although both relax the body and rejuvenate muscles and tissues, deep-tissue massage is more often used to help repair damage from injuries since it reaches deeper into the body.

Our Solution

Massage therapy from a licensed masseuse is often an important component of our treatment plans for patients experiencing a variety of spinal problems, including those from injuries and trauma. However, we also rely on some of the latest, innovative equipment to facilitate patient therapies.

One of our newest aids is the Thumper® Maxi-Pro Massager [add link], which is a deep muscle massager that releases comfortable pulsations through even the thickest muscle layers to release muscle tension and fatigue. We also provide hydro-massage therapy [add link] and thermal massage via our Migun Thermal Massage System. The latter uses infrared rays to provide the benefits of acupuncture, massage, acupressure, and jade massage.