Spinal Decompression NJ

When neck and back pain become chronic, radiate down to the lower part of the body, or impact bodily functions, the problem may be rooted in the compression of discs along the spine. When the nerves are being pressed, the pressure on the nerves causes the radiating pain.   It may manifest itself suddenly after an injury or trauma, or naturally due to the wear and tear of aging, or gradually as the result of disease.

Symptoms can also range from loss of sensation in feet, trouble with walking or hand coordination, to a burning pain that spreads from the spine to arms, or buttocks and down the legs (as in sciatica).  Chronic back pain can also point to herniated and/or bulging discs.

Spinal decompression therapy happens when the discs are compressed, and by separating the vertebrae gently, the degenerative or slipped disc, or the space between increases thus relieving the symptoms. 

Our Solution

The first thing we do is conduct a complete physical exam, with spinal x-rays. We will scan the spine using the advanced infrared diagnostic technology.  The office uses a hand-held Sigma Instrument to unlock the area of concern.  The exact location of the spinal compression will be assessed from the use of computerized analysis of the condition. The centerpiece of our treatment plan is a process of lengthening and stretching the spine to reduce pressure along the spine. For this process, we use our DRX9000™ Spinal Decompression System or the Chattanooga DTS spinal decompression machine, which elongates the area, thus increasing spacing in the spine to relieve pressure on nerve roots and discs surrounding the compressed area.