Neck Pain and Chiropractic

The neck is the connection between the head and the spine and has to deal with a whole lot of weight. Think about how heavy your skull is – your neck is bearing all of that. When you are experiencing neck pain, you are going to find mobility and losing weight much more difficult. 

The spine and the brain are intertwined and have a close relationship. Some medical professionals refer to the spine as the brain’s “motor.” The alignment and mobility of the spine are completely dependent on the brain’s ability to perform at its best and maintain its health. The spine is responsible for the care of critical neurons, which are responsible for transmitting nerve impulses throughout the body. The spine is responsible for protecting the electrical and chemical signals that are used in communication. Proper alignment and movement of each vertebra becomes a critical component of many areas of health, including weight loss, as a result of this development. If the spine becomes misaligned or if any joint in the body loses its full range of motion, the nervous system is damaged. Organ malfunction and alterations in the body’s and blood’s chemistry are all consequences of a damaged nervous system. There is scientific evidence to support why and how a Chiropractic adjustment can aid with weight loss.

According to the findings of studies, the function of the nervous system can and does play a part in weight loss.. Chiropractors look for regions of stress in the body that present themselves as misaligned or abnormally moving components of the spine and treat them. Adjustments that are free of pain restore motion and alignment to the body, allowing it to return to a condition of optimal function and nervous system equilibrium. In turn, this will help to encourage weight loss.