Is Your Back Pain Holding You Back?

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One of the main jobs of a chiropractor is to help you to maintain optimal function in your spine. When you are dealing with things like bulging discs, spinal decompression and herniated discs, the chances are you’re going to be in a lot of pain. When the spine is in that much pain it impacts your whole body, your quality of life and your ability to move around as much as you’d like. 

When your joints and your back are riddled with problems and pain caused by sports, household chores or your posture at work, you deserve to get some help that will bring your pain level down and your comfort level up. Chiropractic care can help a range of people who may be experiencing the stresses of daily living. If you are being prevented from your daily activities, then the best thing to do is seek the help of an expert and that’s when you should turn to Altman Wellness Center. 

How We Help You Heal

Back pain is a pain in itself and you need to be able to have support and healing across your entire central nervous system. Chiropractors will seek out the chance to maintain your function and we will do this by correcting any subluxations in the spine. Improper positioning in the bones of the spine can interfere with the exchange of information from your nerves to your body systems. We’re the experts in pain detection and we’ll figure out where the nerve irritation is through your body. 

The healing process starts with a detailed conversation about your medical history and your day to day living. You’ll then receive a complete neuromuscular examination and throughout this, you will have a computerized thermographic readout. The exact spinal issue will be pinpointed and a schedule will be set up for your visits. We’re here to address your immediate health needs and your schedule for maintenance to make sure that your body is working its best.

Chiropractic Services With Altman Wellness Center

Your spine keeps you upright, and restoring proper alignment and function is important if you hope to ensure that you are able to move, function well and remain comfortable. After a few sessions with us, your spine will learn to stay aligned longer as it’s trained to do so. Your body will stop compensating for the subluxations and when the nerve and interference are removed, you’ll find that your pelvis no longer tilts. Your legs will be the same length and the improvements in your posture will be more obvious. Your pain and your other symptoms will subside over time and with the right healing, and support from us will help you to get there. 

To enhance your comfort and get the right treatment, our team is here to help. At Altman Wellness Center, you can get the right treatment and your pain in the back? It’ll hopefully be long gone in no time at all.